Barnik Flintstone



Barnik Flintstone
Male Dwarf Commoner: 4


Freduk and Barnik are the Flintstone brothers. They are hard workers who are always fighting among themselves. Freduk is always grumpy and hungry but his brother is always joking. They are almost all the time in the company of their best friend Dinouk, who doesn’t speak much and prefers eating.

He shares many of Freduk’s interests such as drinking and eating, and also works at the mines. Though Freduk and Barnik frequently get into feuds with one another (usually due to Freduk’s short temper), their deep fraternal bond remains evident. Barnik is shorter than Freduk and has a childish spontaneous laugh.

They live and work at Dalen Mines but recently came to the city to report a sealed mine that opened after a small earthquake and giant worms are attacking people. A room for them was paid by Captain Frolina Dragonshield on The Iron-Axe until the investigation can be made on the claims.

-Did you saw the worm?
-It was there in front of me. – answers Freduk Flintstone
-Yes I saw it, with these eyes that the earth will swallow after my dead. – answers Barnik Flintstone
-Umju… – shunts his shoulders Dinouk
-Can you tell what kind of worm it was?
-It was a Carrion Crawler. – answers Freduk
-It was a Giant Centipede! – answers Barnik almost at the same time
-Ont’now…. – answers Dinouk in a blurb
-Nothing to said, Barnik, it was a Carrion Crawler.
-But I saw no tentacles in its mouth… – answers Barnik
-That’s because you never pay attention. – answers Freduk and continues – I know it wasn’t a giant centipede because it wasn’t flattish!
-Carrion Crawler are fatter than giant centipedes, like you,
-Are you saying I’m fat like a Carrion Crawler?
-Not in your face.
-I will hit you in the head with a stone!
-Stop! Stop! Can you describe it?
-Of course I can describe it. What are you implying? It was large sized or bigger….
-No it was medium sized or smaller, It was large and long like a worm, but it was medium sized…
-You dimwit! It was large sized! – shouts Freduk very angry
-It was no bigger than me or you, Freduk!
-Shoooorty! It was LARGE! – shouts Freduk
-Wait a minute! Stop! Stop! What color it was?
-Redish! – shouts Barnik at the same time
-Can you really describe what you saw?
-Of course!
-Ok, ok! Let’s continue. Did it had a special characteristic?
-I fell cold in the air…
-I fell the area hot to the touch…
-Oise? – answers Dinouk
-It can’t be hot and cold at the same time, stupid dwarf! – shouts Freduk
-Yes, you are right about one thing at last: it can’t! Or you are wrong!
-Let me place my hands around your neck for a while, you stupid dimwit!

Freduk Flintstone and his brother Barnik Flintstone join their friend Dinouk in a seasonal job at the Highforge Family Mines.

Barnik Flintstone

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