Bargle Detective Services


Male Human 62yo Rogue: 10


Bargle is the owner of Bargle Detective Service, not to be confused with Bargle The Infamous. He is a detective for hire on Ierendi City, the detective can be hired to located missing people or objects. His practice initially appears legitimate, he has all his permits in order and works in the boundaries of Ierendi’s law, but he knows his way around the underground criminal world of Ierendi very well.

Bargle’s reputation have never been one of a man that can be trusted. He can be paid to do a job, and he will do it well. But be aware that he always thinks on himself first, second and third.

Raizak Derek finds Bargle waiting for him. He informs Raizak that The Ear of Bargle had found the Rod of the Fist and that is looking for a heart shaped gem.

After been exposed to [[The Hearthstone], Bargle The Detective becomes a different man. He is more intuitive and cares more for his clients and people in general. He is no longer a selfish man.


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