Atrey Gariat

Prime Minister Atrey Gariat


Atrey Gariat
Elf Male Wizard: (?)/ MoM (Alchemist): 5
Sir Atrey Gariat, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Nathania, Teacher of the School of Magic and Alchemist of the Fourth Circle.


Atrey Gariat was born in a distant land that is now called Overlands of Dreconia, He tried to adventure by himself, even risking his life trying to kill a Chimera on his first adventure. He later meet emerging heroes that he found were brave and bold who join forces to fight evil enemies and win fortune and fame. Atrey left the use of his armor and concentrated on improving his magical skills becoming one of the most powerful wizards of Mystara comparing himself to Prince Ettiene D’Ambreville (a personal friend of him) from the Principalities of Glantri and the Empress of the Alphatian Empire, Eriadna The Wise.
He made friends and allies of famous adventurers like Antarea the Druid, King Dauriat Nathan, Badula Mahoma Aquino, Sir Falton Paladin of Hera and Patriarch Soto Killias of the Church of Thyatis.
One of his many magical skills was the construction of magical constructions like magic items and golem but also flying ships and magical protected buildings. He was once turned into stone saving Mystara from certain doom and was rescued years later by adventurers known as Dusk and Dawn.
He is the current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Nathania and resides in one of his many residence around the country and the Known World.

Atrey Gariat

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