Pirate Captain of The Sky Serpent


Captain Amunalisum of The Sky Serpent
Female Thotian 51yo Cleric:10/Warpriest:10 Chaotic Evil


Captain Amunalisum was once General Amunalisum Commander of all the armies of the Kingdom of Thothia on the Alphatian Empire and served the King and Queen (also known as Pharaons) of that kingdom. She made a plan to attack General Troyus Machistes when he was trying to conquer the plateau of the isle of Dawn in command of Thyatian Legion CXXI. Her plan backfire and she lost two of her three very costly flying ships alongside her honor. The Pharaons prohibited her return to the kingdom and she become a pirate with the remaining flying ship The Sky Serpent.

She later had a daughter with Ying Miyamoto, another leader of the isle of Dawn. She has a special hate for leaders of the Isle of Dawn like Bishop Claudius Galienus, AdrĂ­an Caballero, Count Ciscor Foranes, Countless Caida Machistes and Commander Othelus Scipio just to mention some of them.

Her crew has a mixture of loyalty and fear of her. Amunalisum is a powerful war cleric of the Thothian Immortals. She can inspire her soldiers to die for her.


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