Aloun Greeg Mattringle

Prince Aloun Greeg Mattringle


Prince Aloun Greeg Mattringle
Male Ierendian 30yo Aristocrat:10 Chaotic


Prince Aloun Greeg Mattringle (who also wanted to be called King Greeg the Second) was a short lived and partially hated heir to the house Mattringle and fourth king of Ierendi.

He was the king who inaugurated Ierendi Castle (who took three generations to built) and was also known for one other reason:

In 913 AC Prince Aloun Greeg Mattringle he has expended much of the family treasure and also part of the royal treasure. He claimed that he knew were his ancestor treasure. He become obsessed, mad, and ordered King Greeg’s body to be dug out and animated by a Wizard. The skeleton body (with his sword, clothes and eye patch) was always in the company of his grandson who usually will ask him for advice and sometimes order the skeleton to attack people.

He ordered King Greeg’s body to be buried on the newly inaugurated Ierendi Castle Dungeon were a tomb was crafted in his honor. He also ordered the preparation of the Mattringle’s Mausoleum for himself, his other ancestors and all of his descendants on “the millenniums to come”.

Prince Aloun died of mysterious circumstances when he fall from a tower and accidentally stabbed himself with two knives in the process.

Yoshirou Nakajima found the body of Biccebos Little Finger with a map and a patch on his hand behind the tomb of Aloun Greeg Mattringle on Ierendi Castle Dungeon.

Aloun Greeg Mattringle

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