Algadon Celestialtrumpet



Paladin Algadon Celestialtrumpet
Dwarf Male Lawful Paladin: 9


Paladin Algadon Celestialtrumpet of the Church of Moradin is a serious and dedicated dwarf of Highforge who has gained the respect and friendship of The Gnome King Dorfus Hilltopper. He still reports to his mentor Patriarch Snorri Spanglehelm and expends must of his time teaching clerics in the art of war. He constantly murmurs religious incantations while rubbing the metal symbols he has in his hair and bear. He is a man of honor, one bound to his word.

When working at the temple he carries a ceremonial short sword called “Miaroca” that has a series of dwarven runes.

Algadon Celestialtrumpet

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