Ghostwalker of Karameikos


Character level: 26
Classes and levels: Rogue 1 / Sorcerer 6 / Fighter 9 / Ghostwalker 10
Abhorson true identity is supernaturally unknown. Even those who are close to him find it hard to accurately describe him. He looks dark, and grim, and intimidating…


Abhorson the Infallible Vigilant

Nothing much is known about the hero known as Abhorson. Nobody knows who he is or anything about his origins. He looks human and medium-sized and …dark, that’s all. There’s always a kind of “aura” of intimidation around him that will make you think twice before approaching him and ask a personal question, or anything at all.

His story begins when he became part of the group known as Dusk and Dawn shortly after the fall of the Baron Black Eagle Ludwig von Hendriks. During his stay with the group it’s known he took part in various campaigns including the War for the Plateau and the Sons of Atruaghin Clans, which involved nations like; Republic of Darokin, Ierendi, the Sind, and The Five Shires, and the “exploration” of the Ruins of Atruaghin. He was part of other adventures at the Principalities of Glantri, the campaign at the Fortress of Thar in Broken Lands and the mystery of the Aberrations, also at New Tristan and the undead.
He is best known for his role at the Battle at Skullhole where the heroes made their final stand against Black Eagle. After a ruthless and coldblooded fight where some of the members of the group lost life and/or limb it was Abhorson who finally killed Black Eagle.
Other places where he has been sighted with the group are Kingdom of Rockhome, Dengar, Sthal, Kingdom of Dastium, the West Kingdoms, Thanagara, and Kingdom of Sismich.
His present whereabouts are unknown but he is sometimes seen near or around the Kingdom of Karameikos.

Abhorson arrives to the The FishSword to speak to Zuleidan Kithkany and he takes custody of her in the name of the Order of the Rose, taking her away from the representatives of the Church of Thyatis. “ There is no Baron Sulescu, there is no Sulescu Family! “ – speaks Kithkany, softly as she is taken away in a Phantom Stead.


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