D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

The Village of Lasimar

The Village of Lassimar
XP = 3003
Mystara Calendar
Duration: 10 days and 10 nights of sea travel and 2 days and 1 night of adventure
Finished on: Nytdian the 12th of the month of Sviftmont of the year 1032 After the Coronation of the First Emperor of Thyatis (AC)

10 days of travel from Waping Piao to the Village of Lasimar (narrated on Lets order the secod round ) end with an encounter with a creature of Ochalea’s legends the Tun Mi Lung. The storm caused by the Thypoon Dragon is pushing the ship toward the reefs and it could get destroyed. The band and the crew decide to use all the resources to escape the storm and touch land in the safest point of the shore a little away form Lasimar. Using magic to calm the crew and to direct the actions and raw strength and skill, they are able to do just that fighting the storm all night. During the storm some people saw a large sized red skinned horned humanoid that was flying around hurling fireballs to the Tun Mi Lung.

" The unload of the horses will take four hours. " – explains Captain James Flint. The village is there walking to the east for about an hour. The Crew of The Walrus continue working on the unload of the horses and fixing the ship while the Band of the Wolf walk to the Village of Lasimar.

In the Village they meet the troublemaker Pe Pi To, son of the recently deceased elder and his mother Zhan Ila who is not very happy of having aristocracts and gaijins on her village.

Merkel and Rayzak take Content Not Found: neku out of the village and try to get info from her but she refuces despite intimidation and spells. " Wake me up again at dusk to feed me. "

The band find that the older people on the village two checker’s playing engaged in a feud Hui Ash and Fei Lung have come from two different villages one from miners from the hills and the other from fishermen on the coast. They tell them to wait until tomorrow for a man who comes in a barge from up river. And recomend that they pay a few silver pieces to stay in the village bigger house.

The Walrus’ crew finish their work and deliver the horses to the Band. James Flint and his son Nathaniel Flint depart in better terms than before.

Meanwhile the people of the village don’t want the Band to stay. The old men Fei Lung and Hui Ash “suggest” their fellow villagers to be good hosts and to take advantage of the money that can be used to rebuilt the village damaged by storms. The sugestion feels more like an intimidation and the villagers disperss. Zhan Ila send signals to Raikza that he recognize as wizard’s spell casting hand gestures.

Nightfall is approaching and Merkel interrogates Neku and gives him half a ration only of her beef jerkies. Neku has to comply: " Ask the villager of Lasimar the date of the last Rakastas’ Patrol that they have seen and the location of the ‘ruins of the temple’. Then, move toward the ruins of the temple is our next step. "

The storm is near to start.

Raizak goes to see Zhan Ila and she tells him in secret: " Is all a trap, a game of theirs, get out of here before is to late or you will be cursed too. Leave! NOW! " and she hurled him outside of her house.

The rains and wind starting, Flint and Yoshirou went to different villagers to gather information about the Rakasta Patorl and the Temple Ruins. The rest of the Band were preparing the horses to leave.

Returning to meet the Band with the information, Flint and Yoshirou fall in the mud. The large fire bearing creature appears in front of them, is some kind of ochalean effreeti or fire spirit. He asks if they are trying to escape and Flint bluffs his way out of there. The fiery giant goes back to fight the thypoon dragon and the Band take the chance to escape the village before the night is over. They use magic to calm the storm and have some protection against the lightnings that are falling everywere. They also have to fight the winds. They are able to, once again, survive a night under the storm, and arrive to safety.

At dawn they band are tired but alive and the horses are safe. But then a band of Quikasa Gnolls who has been trying to attack the village for weeks attack them to steal the horses. The band fight the gnolls only to see that they are scare of Raizak’s magic and dissapear in puffs of smoke. Flint is able to capture one Chal Miao and Raizaks puts him under a spell so that he can work as a guide in these dangerous Celestial Territories wilderness. Chal Miao tells them that they were working for the Ogre Magi Ox Clan and that they enchanted them with powers. He tells them that there are bands of human bandits in the area, at least two, one commanded by a half orc monk the other by Nine-Swords a dark samurai.

Next stop is the near by Lasimar Rice Hamlet that someone told them they will find on their way to the Temple Ruins of Korimizu. The hamlet is in disorder and badly kept. An odor of vinegar is present near and inside the houses. The families of the hamlet have been killed and turned into Pennaggolan. The Band doesn’t know that and need to rest after two days and nights of fighting the magic storm of the Thypoon Dragon. The hamlet people receive them and separate them in differen huts just to attack them in their sleep. Troyus is attacked during sex with the wife of the elder of the hamlet who is also a monster. After fighting off the undead monsters the Band is able to sleep at last and wait until morning to continue their travels. They find some treasures on the hamlet that are from earlier victims.

  • GM NOTE: Please comment below if I miss somethig else.

Average Encounters CR: 10
Tun Mi Lung
Quikasa Gnolls

_ Treasures Found: N/A
_ Total Wealth: 1650gps
_ Wealth per Adventurer: 150gps
_ Other Treasures: One weekly ration per character.

_ Adventure XP: 3003xp
_ Adventure XP Awards:
__ Sam Award: N/A
__ Bilbo Award: N/A
__ Éowyn Award: N/A

Average Party Level: 10
Troyus Bloodstone
Yoshirou Nakajima
Daero of Alfmyr
Raizak Derek
Nathaniel J. Flint
Veitor Broskar
Frutumal Huntinghawk
Merkel Duncan
Cliona Cassidor Sulescu
Dio Stoutspark
Maiavel of Alfmir

NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure receives a 25xp award.

To the reader: Additional material describing this adventure could be found in the individual logs of some characters: Adventures.



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