D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

The Tomb of King Greeg

Ierendi Castle Dungeon Part II

The Tomb of King Greeg
Ierendi Castle Dungeon Part II
XP = 1502
The Band of the Wolf continue their mission for the Ierendi Royal Guard to complete the task on Ierendi Royal Postings Post # : 201702.P26: Cleaning the Ierendi Castle Dungeon of monsters.

They encounter monsters, ruined rooms, falling pits, randomly working traps. Unknown to the guard the group has taken with them a Bag of Holding to take additional treasures.

The Band of the Wolf discovered that Benedetto Difusallo was a native of Ierendi, not the Republic of Darokin and was the owner of Benno Treasure Maps.

The information about The Lost Secret Treasure of Mad Greeg is already updated.

When the band returns to The Blue Dolphin, Dio Stoutspark found that the dagger’s sheath (one of Leicas Toys ) was stolen. He can’t find many clues about who did it. The last time he check on it was the day before going to clean the Ierendi Castle Dungeon. The one who did it was an experience thief, who opened the locks and took the item to later close the locks again. The thief did that to avoid Dio to discover the item was missing. Dio left to the Dungeon but the item was already stolen.

Will o Wisp
Chain Golem
Benedetto Difusallo

1 Days

_ Treasures Found:
__ 4200 gps (first part of the adventure)
__ 6200 gps (second part of the adventure)
__ 2000 gps (payment for mission)
_ Total Wealth: 12400gps

_ Calculations:
4200 gps reported to Royal Guard – 30% = 2940
6200 gps of goods sold – 10% of taxes = 5580
Total = 8520 + 2000 (Royal Guard Reward) = 10520gps
Total = 10520/8 = 1315
1315 – 200 (individual share of the cost of the Bag of Holding) = 1115 per character
1115/3=371.67 (characters marked with an asterisk)
_ Wealth per Adventurer:
__ Levels 5 – 7 = 1115.00 gps each
__ Levels 2 – 3 = 371.67 gps each (characters marked with an asterisk)

_ Adventure XP: 1502xp
_ Adventure XP Awards:
__ Sam Award: None
__ Bilbo Award: 502 Raizak Derek
__ Éowyn Award: None

Average Party Level: 5
Troyus Bloodstone
Raizak Derek
Yoshirou Nakajima
Nathaniel J. Flint
Daero of Alfmyr
Dio Stoutspark
Carceran Sunreaver (Character not in previous adventure but gained gps from adventure, gained xp from this adventure)

Veitor * (Character not in previous adventure but gained gps from adventure, gained xp from this adventure)
Merkel Duncan *
Axetor Stonecutter * (Character not in adventure but gained gps from previous adventure, no xp from this adventure)

NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure receives a 25xp award.

To the reader: Additional material describing this adventure could be found in the individual logs of some characters: Adventures.



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