D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

The Last Trap of Ursula

The Last Trap of Ursula
XP = 3003
Mystara Calendar
Duration: 1 day and 1 night
Finished on: Soladain the 7th of the month of Felmont of the year 1032 After the Coronation of the First Emperor of Thyatis (AC)

The riddle was a way for Ursula to activate the Obelisk and referred to the Obelisk as the needle and the grandma as the ship.

When the crew of The Old Lady and the Band of the Wolf go up to the ship’s deck and look out they find that Ursula’s trap using the Nagpas’s Obelisk was to transport them inside a volcano were she was waiting with her Merrow Ogres and another Obelisk. The Band of the Wolf spring into action and convinced Admiral Julius Corcha that they should lead because of their past experience with Ursula and the crew of her ship The Sea Hag. Flint words were seen as wise by both King Fryeden and Queen Maeyi who had seen the Band at work. Commander Burnscar wanted to fly and attack Ursula one-to-one but was convinced by the others that it was better to avoid emotions to control their decisions.

Everyone knew that if the Queen of the Aleea Merfolks and the King of the Takala Tritons were to die here, a war between those two nations against Ierendi will be inevitable.

The Abysmal heat, the air temperature, smoke, fire, lava were affecting everyone but were more damaging to the King and Queen. And Raizak joined Burnscar into casting spells that could help them including protection against elements and mass haste.

Yoshirou, Axetor and Carceran protected Queen Maeyi while she was studying the Obelisk and trying to activate it to escape. Carceran noticed that an inscription was a spell blocking teleport spells. The easy way out was blocked. A riddle was present and was the key to activating the Obelisk again:
_ Drop times three must fall on me,
To open the book of my wisdom:
The life-giver the light-bearer,
and the sorrow-marker will follow.
To open the map to the maelstrom._

Flint and the Admiral organized the rest of the crew and adventurers to defend the ship against the Merrow Ogres, who started using very long chains with hooks to pull the sailors and soldiers from the ship and into the lava.

Raizak and Burnscar were ready to attack the ogres and they did just to activate another of Ursula traps: a group of air elementals who she summoned using a magic item stolen from Tana Nightwing. Other fire-based monsters attacked the ship. The ogres started to board. Burnscar and her fire elementals were engaged in battle with the air elementals who were pulling her into the lava.

Ursula accused the four leaders, Corcha, Burnscar, Fryeden and Maeyi to be the members of the secret organization The Secret Circle that she was trying to find. Burnscar replied with the truth, that they weren’t members of the Circle, but the Band noticed that she did knew that the Circle existed and was not a simple urban legend of Ierendi.

Troyus tried to fight Ursula one-on-one and decapitated her ogre commander with one blow of his sword. But the pirate revealed to be a Sea Hag in disguise and used her power of Evil Eye to leave him in a catatonic state on the floor crying.

Maeyi, Yoshirou and Axetor used a drop of blood, tears and candle wax to activate the Obelisk and a multi-level dial was exposed with another riddle:

Three again are the helms to this ship:
The older brother is the navigator,
The middle brother is the chief mate,
And the younger brother is the timekeeper.

Carceran make himself invisible and tried to get near Ursula and the second Obelisk as it could had clues on how to solve the first Obelisk.

Dio moved close enough to remove the evil fear from Troyus. The ogres were been dispatched but the bigger air elemental has transformed into a whirlwind that was making people take damage from the rocks and debris and even falling into the lava. The wizards teamed up to attack and counterattack Ursula. More attacks from the siege weapons and archers were able to kill Ursula, stopping the madness and the air elemental disappeared.

The dials were moved and the broken ship was transported back into its last position on the sea. King Fryeden sounded his magical horn of the tritons and magically a group of his men appeared to help. The broken ship was pulled near the coast by a collection of sea animals, merfolks and tritons.

Admiral Devrim AKuntesh arrived with four members of the Cabal of the Volcano and took the two Nagpa obelisks with them. He was “barely impressed” by the Band of the Wolf exploits and offered to pay Ursula’s reward with a bonus for their “good work”. He left taking Burnscar with him.

Back on Ierendi City the Band of the Wolf was getting ready to see Troyus and Fling duel when a messenger comes for Troyus. “A man who claims he knows you is dying at the port. He claims he has a letter for you. He was found at sea. “ Troyus goes to the house were the old man is.

Oedilus Cabanis, blind with fever and wounds of his travels, on his last dying breath, gives Troyus Bloodstone a letter that was meant for Troyus Machistes. Letter from Caesonia Scipio Machiste to Troyus Machiste.

Average Encounters CR: 12
23 very angry Merrow Ogres
Air Elementals large and gigantic!
Boiling Lava, steam, heat and smoke
Ursula is a Sea Hag!!!

_ Treasures Found: N/A
_ Total Wealth: N/A
_ Wealth per Adventurer: 1000gps paid by the Ierendi Royal Navy as a payment for killing Ursula.
_ Other Treasures: Each character also gets:
Cure Serious Wound potion.
Swimming potion.
Ierendi Medal of Valor (gives + 1 equipment bonus on Diplomacy checks)

_ Adventure XP: 3003xp
_ Adventure XP Awards:
__ Sam Award:N/A
__ Bilbo Award: N/A
__ Éowyn Award: N/A

Average Party Level: 12
Troyus Bloodstone
Nathaniel J. Flint
Yoshirou Nakajima
Raizak Derek
Dio Stoutspark
Veitor Broskar
Merkel Duncan
Carceran Sunreaver
Axetor Stonecutter

NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure receives a 25xp award.

To the reader: Additional material describing this adventure could be found in the individual logs of some characters: Adventures.



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