D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

The Goblin Woods Path

The Goblin Woods Path
XP = 1201
The Band of the Wolf finds a route to Highforge outside of the Duke’s Road using the Black Woods and the Mountains. Goblins start to follow them and attack them. Vylgrykk is using scrying magic (locate, etc) to find the box that Kosivikh gave to Kagb. The goblins attacking chant “Kagb Quest!, Kagb Quest!” referring to the mission given to Kagb by Kosivikh. The goblins follow the adventurers and try to kill them to get the treasure and the location of the Caverns of Quasqueton. The adventurers use one charmed goblin to lure the magic away giving him Kagb’s small chest and telling him to go in the opposite direction.

Arriving to the domain of Highforge they are stopped by the frontier guard who is in the lookout for goblins. The adventurers were interrogated but they weren’t trusted (perhaps the shadow elves or the normal elves on the group, perhaps the natural “1”) and were arrested.

A day later they were interrogated again by the “Gnome King” Dorfus Hilltopper, Patriarch Snorri Spanglehelm and the Captain of the Army Frolina Dragonshield. The Band of the Wolf gave them the location of the Caverns of Quasqueton in exchange of their freedom. They can do business but their papers have been confiscated and need permission from the Gnome King to leave Highforge.

Goblin Warriors
Goblin Sergeants

1.5 days travelling in the woods
1.8 days travelling in the mountains
1.4 days travelling in the dwarven road
Total = 4.7 days total travel time

_ Treasures Found:
1300 gps
_ Total Wealth: 1300gps
_ Wealth per Adventurer:
_ Other Treasures: None

_ Adventure XP: 1201
_ Adventure XP Awards:
__ Sam Award: 0
__ Bilbo Award: 200xp for Yoshiru & Carceran
__ Éowyn Award: 0

Daero of Alfmyr
Raizak Derek
Yoshirou Nakajima
Troyus Bloodstone
Nathaniel J. Flint
Carceran Sunreaver
Helethil Bluebelleyes
Dio Stoutspark


NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure receives a 25xp award.


It was all my fault! It was an honest mistake when I said we were merchants instead of adventurers. What I really wanted to say was that we wanted to do business in the city, sell part of our treasure. But there is no going back now, the king has our traveling papers and we can’t leave HIghforge.
I have to make it up for my friends and find a way to recover our documents.

The Goblin Woods Path

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