D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

The Dread Horde Part II

The Dread Horde Part II
XP= 300
Per Each Character in this adventure

  • Barony Wages (1 week): 2gps, 1sp
  • Expenses (1 week): 3gps, 5sps

The adventurers of the Band of the Wolf studied the parchment found in goblins hands in the last adventure. Raizak Derek , Daero of Alfmyr and Nathaniel J. Flint have tried to understand the goblin code and the symbols and came to the understanding that the goblin letters were representing K = Keeps/Castles, TH = Threshold, L = ?, F = ?, and the X? They chose to find what the X means because the goblins encounter were moving in that general direction.


Joseph Alexander Xiloscient convinced the second in command of the guard Arthol Dellbell to give them a mission in that area. He was able to make Arthol believe that the idea was his. And they marched to the X without Lady Aleena Halaran knowledge.

At the end of the second day a patrol of Goblins was found and one was capture alive and intimidated into showing the location of their camp. The goblin camp had around 45 goblins, 3 Goblin Sergeants and their 3 Worgs. They check the camp for 24 hours to see that groups of 10 goblins came and go. The camp was a place to gather everything the goblins were stealing but wasn’t the main goblin camp.

When returning, the adventurers were attacked at night by a monster, a Wight who killed their good bard Joseph and turned him in another of his kind who they had to kill They got his body to Threshold only to find he cannot be resurrected. His funeral was payed with the money he (50gps) had and his gear was sold and the money sent to his family.


  • Adventure Time: 6 days


  • Adventure Treasure: No treasure was collected as the PCs forgot to check the goblin’s bodies. Joseph’s Equipment was sent to his family.
  • Barony Wages (6 days):
    __ Level 1: 1gps 8sps
    __ Level 2: 3gps 6sps


  • 300xp each
  • 100xp Puzzle Solving package between 3 characters = 34xp each

Raizak Derek *
Valora Venatti
Daero of Alfmyr *
Yoshirou Nakajima
Maiavel of Alfmir
Joseph Alexander Xiloscient (dead)
Helethil Bluebelleyes
Ignacio del Toro

Nathaniel J. Flint * (he wasn’t on the adventure but helped solve the parchment puzzle)

( * characters with an asterisk gained extra xp )


La L, debe ser: Lake o Lago

The Dread Horde Part II

Sí, Adriel y yo habíamos dicho que L = Lake y F = Farms.

The Dread Horde Part II

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