D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

The Dread Horde Part I

The Dread Horde Part I
Lady Aleena Halaran hired the adventurers to take on the goblins that were attacking farms on the south of Threshold.
Nathaniel J. Flint had to flee from a Dire Wolf, the entire party ended in the top of a tree.
Valora Venatti and Raizak Derek spoke to the towns folks to gain information about the goblin’s attacks.
Joseph Alexander Xiloscient ended drunk trying to use his gather information to find about the goblins and other rumors.

Later on Helethil Bluebelleyes and Valora Venatti were able to track the goblin raiding party that was moving from the south west to the north west. The group ambushed the 12 goblins and more 8 goblins came to help. The goblins were killed except 7 who were taken prisoners. Raizak discovered a patch in the clothes of the goblin leader. A patch that the goblins were trying to destroy.

The goblin prisoners were taken into the custody of the city of Threshold guard: Second on Command Arthol Dellbell. The group decided not to show the parchment to Lady Halaran.

3 sp for a work’s day as a mercenary (per character):
Looting: total of 190 gp
First Choice of Aleena Halaran was to take all goblin equipment that had the marks of the Dread Horde. She paid half price as always.

Equipment of the 20 Goblins
10gps armors + 3gps shields + 10gps Short Swords + 30gps Short Bows = Total of 53gps x 20goblins = 1060gps / 2 = 530gps.
530 gps + 190 gps = 720gps / 8characters = 90gps

90gps and 3sp per character

Daero of Alfmyr
Helethil Bluebelleyes *
Joseph Alexander Xiloscient
Maiavel of Alfmir
Nathaniel J. Flint
Raizak Derek
Valora Venatti *
Yoshirou Nakajima

( PCs marked with an asterisk ’ * ’ gained 100xp extra )


Professional Permission Letter issued by the Barony of Threshold:

The following document is issued as a permit to the group of mercenaries identified as [[Band of the Wolf]] whose members have signed the back of this scroll and have been properly identified by the Customs Officer of the government of the [[Kingdom of Karameikos]] as fair travelers and law abiding adventurers.

These permit will allow the members of the mercenary group to wear their armor, carry their weapons and be ready to cast spells, all of these inside the city walls of the City of Threshold. All these provisions are and must be compliant to the need and wants of Baron Sherlane Halaran and the safety of the good people of the City of [[Threshold]].

The great Barony of Threshold have agreed to pay the after mentioned group the amount of 3 to 30 silver pieces per day to each one, this pay amount is calculated depending on the skills and gear of the individual mercenary. As part of this agreement, the mercenaries can enjoy the spoils of war in the case of a battle, been these provisioned after stolen goods have been returned to their rightful owners and a representative of the Baron has exercise the right of first choice. The right of first choice will always be up to half the net selling price of the spoils of war or the Barony of Threshold would have to pay the difference.

Foremost, this document represent a legal binding contract between the after mentioned parties that is valid for the duration of three months or less if the Barony of Threshold understand that the group has completed their usefulness to the Barony.

This document has been signed on the fourth month of the year 1030 after the Coronation of the First Emperor of Thyatis, in the City of Threshold, part of the Great Kingdom of Karameikos, by his lordship Baron Sherlane Halaran.

Also signed, as a representative of the Town Guard and Justice of the City of Threshold, in charge of keeping the ends of the bargain, Arthol Dellbell

And finally signed, as a representative of the proper laws of the Kingdom of Karameikos, Lardos Grobaras

The Dread Horde Part I

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