D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

Into the Takala Reefs

The Triton Chest Quest Part II

Into the Takala Reefs
The Triton Chest Quest Part II
XP = 1802
Synopsis of all the scenes:

Queen’s Trust
Queen Maeyi thanks the Band of the Wolf and give them her blessing for going as emissaries of the merfolks to speak to the Tritons. She also gives them a Boat Feather Token so that they can survive on the surface once all the Water Breathing magic wears of and until the Ierendi Royal Navy’s Ship arrives. The Patrol Leader Thelis will escort them toward Takala Reefs to speak to the Takala Tritons. They will travel faster underwater using whales and porpoises and will be able to stop to explore some locations on the Red Coral Forest.

Nyxie’s Favor
The Nyxies Viyna y Viyno o Red Coral Forest try to charm and steal two of the Merfolks of the adventurer’s escort to use them as fast mounts. Some of the man of the wolf are able to rescue the warriors and capture the tricksters. Thelis wants to amputate the Nyxie’s arms and legs as a punishment for all the years of them meddling with the merfolks. The Band of the Wolf’s members are able to convince the ranger to spare them and gain information. The nyxies also give the adventurers a magical fairy promise. " If you save us, we will promise you this: At any moment that you are in the Ierendi Archipelago you can call into the sea waters our names using this song and we will come to place a Water Breathing spell on you (this is valid once per adventurer involved):

Viyno of the deeps come
Vina of the deeps respond
You own me a magical deed
I want to dwell like you in the deeps.

The adventurers that won that promise are: Merkel Duncan, Aranhil Thunderseeker, Nathaniel J. Flint, Raizak Derek, Yoshirou Nakajima and Daero of Alfmyr.

Hermit’s Hut
A very old muttering and rambling tortle hermit called Jomer of the Dawn is friend of the Aleea Merfolks, Takala Tritons and the Mad Sea Druid and lives in a totem-like hut, the Tortle Hermit Hut, and is under attack by Sahuagins. The Band of the Wolf kill the attackers and speak with him. They didn’t understand his ramblings and incoherent riddles until after later on. He gave them an hermit crab named Sebastian.

Triton’s Army
The Band of the Wolf and their escort continue their trek to Takala Reefs and are ambushed by King Fryeden’s Army who is marching toward Aleea Reefs to attack the Aleea Merfolks. They present themselves to the King as representatives of the Ierendi Royal Navy and offer to help stop the war. The King believes this could be an assassination attempt and stops to speak with them with some of his guards. The rest of the army continues the trip toward their destiny.

The adventurers speak to both the Triton’s King and the Merfolk’s Ranger until their arguments seen valid and the King starts to think that there is a conspiracy. They have an argument about the involvement of the Sea Druid in all this as he is friend of both tribes. "If he has the Triton Chest, Why hasn’t him come back to deliver it to us? "

Merrow’s Attack
A Merrow’s band attack the camp to assassinate the King of the Tritons. The Band of the Wolf help the tritons and merfolks to battle the ogres. The chief of the Ogres has a patch with a fish sigil and Raizak sees it. He shouts to the King and the King sees it too. This makes the King think their story is true and organizes his troops to hunt the merrow. The Merfolk Ranger joins the Tritons King in his efforts and tracks the merrow.

The two armies of the Merfolks and Tritons meet in Red Coral Forest and agree to pursuit and eliminate the real treat of the Merrows and the Sahuagin. Both armies comb the forest to find and eliminate the dangerous bands of monsters.

The Hunt of the Evil Leaders and She
As part of both armies efforts, The Band of the Wolf are given Hippocampy mounts and they track the last leaders of both the Merrow and the Sahuagin into the Ruins on Red Coral Forest.

She appears and presents herself as Ursula, the mastermind behind all the war. The Hermit Crab Sebastian crawls out of Raizak’s backpack and shapeshifts back to his real form, that of the Sea Druid. She calls an army of Giant Crabs. He calls his companion Oktodik.

The Band of the Wolf stop the plans of Captain Ursula who has temporary allied herself with Captain Redbeard to provoke a war between the Aleea Merfolks and Takala Tritons when she stole the Horn of the Tritons. They gain a dangerous enemy that day.

Captain Ursula confronts the Sea Druid and tells him that " I know about The Circle and that you are part of it. " That causes a rage on the part of the Druid and a expeditious escape on the part of the pirate using teleport.

Underwater Celebration
A great peace celebration in the two lkingdoms Both King Fryeden and Queen Maeyi are both impressed with Nathaniel J. Flint and the Band of the Wolf and express a desire to see then again in the future.

The Sea Druid and his companion Oktodik escort the Band of the Wolf back to the surface and threat them. " Don’t speak to anybody about how they treat me underwater and above all else never speak about what Ursula said. " Nathaniel J. Flint bluffed the life of the Band out of trouble: " We hear nothing! "

The Azure Storm picked the adventurer’s up and heard their stories. Those were 33 very intense hours. The mission report ended with Burnscar telling them not to speak to anyone about their encounter with Captain Ursula until the Ierendi Royal Navy and the Ierendi Tribunal had decided how to deal with the menace.

Return to the Great Port
Upon returning to Ierendi City the Band of the Wolf find out that some events that affect them has taken place.

Average Encounters CR: 8
A very old rambling hermit Jomer of the Dawn.
An evil Pirate Captain Ursula
A Mad Sea Druid

Up to 36 hours on the deeps
7 days of travel back to Ierendi City

_ Treasures Found:
__ Found on Monsters: 900gps
__ Ierendi Royal Navy Mission Reward: 6000gps
__ Reward from the Aleea Merfolks: 1000gps
__ Reward from the Takala Tritons: 1000gps
__ Ierendi Royal Navy’s Information Reward: 500gps
_ Total Wealth: 9400gps
_ Wealth per Adventurer: 940gps
_ Other Treasures: Nixie’s promise

_ Adventure XP: 1802
_ Adventure XP Awards:
__ Sam Award: N/A
__ Bilbo Award: 601xp (Flint)
__ Éowyn Award: 601xp (Merkal)

Average Party Level: 6
Troyus Bloodstone
Raizak Derek
Yoshirou Nakajima
Daero of Alfmyr
Dio Stoutspark
Nathaniel J. Flint
Aranhil Thunderseeker
Carceran Sunreaver
Merkel Duncan
Veitor Broskar

NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure receives a 25xp award.

To the reader: Additional material describing this adventure could be found in the individual logs of some characters: Adventures.


Esta es la carta que Raizak había enviado y la razón por la que Lady Halaran y Kenalas Silverstreak están en el Blue Dolphin:

Para los ojos de Kenalas Silverstreak solamente.

Sé que Band of the Wolf no partió de buenas de Threshold, pero es un lugar que alberga gente que amo. Cuando les entregué la carta que encontramos en la cueva del campamento goblin que ayudamos a atacar, no pude evitar escuchar una conversación suya con Lady Halaran y el Capitán Mikel Irathen en la que le preguntó por una misión secreta y usted contestó que las tropas en Threshold la harían más difícil, pero que la seguridad de la gente es primero. Durante el tiempo que investigamos en Threshold, obtuvimos información acerca de sus intentos de dar con el peligroso criminal Ear of Bargle. También supimos que los Bargle Bugbears están detrás de un destructivo artefacto mágico. No fue difícil atar los cabos.

Ayer arribó a Ierendi City nada más y nada menos que el mismísimo Ear of Bargle, acompañado de 20 bugbears. Llegaron en el Walrus y escuchamos al capitán James Flint decirle a Ear que lo esperaría unos 15 días. Los bugbears zarparían con él si terminaban sus asuntos antes de esa fecha. Sabiendo que hay un precio por su captura, pagué a un espía para que los siguiera. Descubrimos que Ear of Bargle está detrás de un artefacto mágico. Además, envió un contingente de bugbears a Port Siers, fuertemente armados con armas que entraron por contrabando la gente del Walrus. No tengo más detalles por el momento, pero si desean contactarme, pueden preguntar por mí en Benno Treasure Maps y entregarle el parcho de tela con mi inscripción arcana que incluyo con esta carta.

Esta es la oportunidad que han estado esperando. Yo seguiré poniendo ojos sobre los Bargle Bugbears. Esperando esperanzadamente su pronta intervención,

Raizak Derek
Band of the Wolf

Into the Takala Reefs

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