D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

Dalen Mine Worms

Dalen Mines Worms
XP = 1502

-Did you saw the worm?
-It was there in front of me. – answers Content Not Found: Freduk-flintstone
-Yes I saw it, with these eyes that the earth will swallow after my dead. – answers Barnik Flintstone
-Umju… – shunts his shoulders Dinouk
-Can you tell what kind of worm it was?
-It was a Carrion Crawler. – answers Freduk
-It was a Giant Centipede! – answers Barnik almost at the same time
-Ont’now…. – answers Dinouk in a blurb
-Nothing to said, Barnik, it was a Carrion Crawler.
-But I saw no tentacles in its mouth… – answers Barnik
-That’s because you never pay attention. – answers Freduk and continues – I know it wasn’t a giant centipede because it wasn’t flattish!
-Carrion Crawler are fatter than giant centipedes, like you,
-Are you saying I’m fat like a Carrion Crawler?
-Not in your face.
-I will hit you in the head with a stone!
-Stop! Stop! Can you describe it?
-Of course I can describe it. What are you implying? It was large sized or bigger….
-No it was medium sized or smaller, It was large and long like a worm, but it was medium sized…
-You dimwit! It was large sized! – shouts Freduk very angry
-It was no bigger than me or you, Freduk!
-Shoooorty! It was LARGE! – shouts Freduk
-Wait a minute! Stop! Stop! What color it was?
-Redish! – shouts Barnik at the same time
-Can you really describe what you saw?
-Of course!
-Ok, ok! Let’s continue. Did it had a special characteristic?
-I fell cold in the air…
-I fell the area hot to the touch…
-Oise? – answers Dinouk
-It can’t be hot and cold at the same time, stupid dwarf! – shouts Freduk
-Yes, you are right about one thing at last: it can’t! Or you are wrong!
-Let me place my hands around your neck for a while, you stupid dimwit!

The Band of the Wolf acquired permission from Captain Frolina Dragonshield to investigate the issue and found various monsters including Thouqqua and after cleaning the mine returned with the bodies to Highforge to report their adventure.

Travelling papers were returned. Business in Highforge is open. Business in Threshold is restricted. The Dread Horde took control of the Caverns of Quasqueton. The keys were stolen by unknowns. The group is travelling to Sulescu

Two dwarves arguing
Giant Centipedes

1 week

_ Treasures Found:
_ Total Wealth: 3800gps
_ Wealth per Adventurer: 543gps
_ Other Treasures: None

_ Adventure XP: 1502
_ Adventure XP Awards:
__ Sam Award: N/A
__ Bilbo Award: N/A
__ Éowyn Award: N/A

Raizak Derek
Troyus Bloodstone
Nathaniel J. Flint
Carceran Sunreaver
Maiavel of Alfmir
Dio Stoutspark
Frutumal Huntinghawk


NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the aventure receives a 25xp award.


Gnome King Dorfus Hilltopper found the Band of the Wolf not guilty of charges presented by Lady Aleena Halaran of Threshold against them.

Alguien me podría explicar esta parte.

Dalen Mine Worms

Como Lady Halaran es tyatense trató al Rey-Gnomo como Baron de Highforge para que este entendiera que tiene que respetar al Baron de Threshold. Lo hizo haciendo enfasis en Baron en lugar de respetar su título honorario de Rey-Gnomo.

El Rey-Gnomo entonces sacó el libro de la ley de Karameikos como impuesta por el Rey Stefan y presentó que las leyes para permitir a los aventureros explorar calabozos y beneficiarse de los tesoros encontrados eran específicas. Así que Band of the Wolf no tenía que responderle a Threshold ni a su Baron ni a su pueblo porque los tesoros fuera de la leyenda local de Zelligar y Roghar.

Dalen Mine Worms

Ok, Gracias Mario.

Dalen Mine Worms

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