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Benedetto's Con

Benedetto’s Con
A group of adventurers find themselves in the city of Threshold, tricked by a con artist with forged papers named Benedetto Difusallo and present a complaint to the government of the Kingdom of Karameikos through the bureaucrat Lardos Grobaras. Not wanting to wait for Justice to find Benedetto, the join forces to find him. they didn’t find him, as he has skipped town leaving Duh Torpeson posing as him on an inn. Later that evening, Aleena Halaran, paladin and defender of Threshold and niece of Baron Sherlane Halaran hires them to dispatch a gang of goblins that are south of the city.

Aranhil Thunderseeker
Cliona Cassidor Sulescu
Daero of Alfmyr
Joseph Alexander Xiloscient
Maiavel of Alfmir
Nathaniel J. Flint
Raizak Derek
Troyus Bloodstone
Valora Venatti
Yoshirou Nakajima


Aranhil Thudenseeker:

Yo no estaba preparada para conocer tan rápido a dwarf, half-orcs y tantas personas con diferentes habilidades y de lugares distantes. Pero me siento que he logrado parte de lo que, cuando vine a estudiar a este pueblo, pensé que nunca iba a lograr, conseguir un grupo de aventureros que, unidos, podamos vencer cualquier obstáculo y por sobre todo, conseguir nuestras 30 monedas de oro que el estafador Benedetto Difusallo nos robo como parte de su estrategia de vida.

Benedetto's Con

Valora Venatti:

“Where are the town’s defenses, then?”, interjected the blonde woman with incredulity and a terse voice while she was stashing some papers and chalks, amid the loud voices of the others she has been meeting over the past days. She then changes to a coy smile, dissipating all possible tension using a jovial approach: “Ah, pardon my sudden question, my dear Miss Halaran. It’s just that it surprises me that you are throwing money to a bunch of newcomers when I know the town has its defenses”.
“Not that I don’t mind the money. I could use some to enliven myself and this place! Yes I do!”, says Valora with a complicit smile this time. “Although I prefer more unique rewards. Special permits, agreements, or the like”.
“But tell me, where are the town defenses? And who are these goblins and what are they doing?”.

Benedetto's Con

Lady Halaran looks at Valora with intriguing eyes. After a short scrutiny she answers:
“This are not the first attacks of goblins in the area and lately every time they do, another group takes advantage of the mobilization of the town guard to attack in another part of Threshold. Arthol here, was in charge of hiring mercenaries so that we can follow the first group and the town guard can wait for the second group and take them by surprise. We don’t know yet were the second band of goblins will attack.”
Lady Halaran kicks Arthol’s chair and he moves just enough so that she can understand he is about to pass out.
“But because he didn’t finish his task, I will have to take the responsibility of hiring you. I know you have been around town and I hope we can do business. Are you speaking for all the group? Are you all even a group?”

Benedetto's Con

Surprised, seeing that this town has dealt with this threat several times, Valora adds: “Oh, I see. One group, two groups. You seem to have a plan. Unfortunately for everyone here, part of that plan is”… She looks at the man who is leaning his head downwards, wanting to rest it somewhere. “… not ready until further notice”.

“I’m going to be frank, Lady Halaran. On one side, this is going to suck, to stink, big time. If the town guard is not fully ready, a lot of people including us could be harmed. But you said we are free to pick the goblin remnants as our paid. Maybe I heard you wrong, but I’m not putting my life on the line for sticks, stones, and flea-ridden stinking hide armor. No, no. I’m a merchant at heart. What you said about ‘I hope we can do business’ encourages me more”.

“But that’s just me! I’m not speaking for this motley crue… yet”. Valora turns back, facing the others, dreading their responses a bit: “What do you all say?”.

Benedetto's Con

“Did you even have a name for your group? " – Continues Lady Halaran.

“I will offer you the standard fare: 3sp per day. Everything the goblins have stolen from the good people of Threshold will be returned. I will check the lot and I will have the opportunity to chose what I keep in the name of Baron Halaran. The rest is yours to do what you want.

[NOTE: The cost is the standard cost of hiring a Hireling, trained as shown in the table Spellcasting and Other Services
The pay will be house ruled to 3sp per level of the character per day up to 30sp or 3gps.]

Benedetto's Con

[NOTE: Im going to wait a bit for the others to speak].

Benedetto's Con

“Yo acepto el trabajo y el reto de defender el pueblo. Solo que soy “spell castell” y la paga debería ser más. Yo tengo que comprar materiales y otras cosas para poder hacer magia que ayudara al grupo…" Se vira hacía los demás del posible grupo. "¿ Y ustedes no tienen nada que aportar? Creo que mucho, por que cada uno de ustedes tienen potencial, pero si lo buscan… Nadie va a llegar donde ustedes y decirle: “Aquí te regalo estas monedas de oro y estas armas para que puedas aventurar y cuando te canses, me llamas que tengo un castillo para regalar.” Nosotros tenemos que movernos y buscar nuestros destinos. Pero eso es de cada uno de ustedes."

Se mueve y recoge los papeles que se les cayeron cuando descubrió lo que Benedetto la había engañado. Se va a hacer su trabajo, no sin antes virarse al grupo y decir: "En estos momentos no puedo ir con ustedes, pero saben que me pueden contactar aquí o en la posada. De paso, el nombre de grupo podría ser “The Outsider”, ninguno es de aquí, sonaría lógico." Se pierde dentro de la oficina de Lardos Grobaras.

Benedetto's Con

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